Mapping The Space Between: Migration, Diaspora, Minority

Experiences grappling with displacement, alienation, and cultural assimilation... It all goes back to migration. 

Although im/migration is such a widespread topic in today’s world, I'm surprised to see that a lot of bookstores and libraries don't include it as a major category when describing their own collections. Maybe if we took the time to highlight these narratives, even in these little ways, there would be little question as to the value of our own histories. In doing research and sharing my own work with others, I am able to see a growing correlation between migration, diaspora and minority narratives. Experiences grappling with displacement, alienation, cultural assimilation, and discrimination... It all goes back to migration. I hope to explore these themes and more in an upcoming work with the working title Mapping the Space Between.

(Until then, check out my first two works Celebrating Cross-cultural Perspectives and Refugiarse entre mundos).